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A Firm Providing Strong Legal Representation In Probate Disputes

Our attorneys at Frisella Neilson, APC, in San Diego will protect your rights during probate litigation. The probate process is complex, but we are here to help. We provide strategic representation tailored to your individual needs. Our effective probate counsel, our commitment to client well-being and our reputation for trusted guidance make us an easy choice.

You need solutions when faced with a problem. Our lawyers have extensive trial experience handling complex probate issues for clients throughout California. We get to know you and the factors of your case to develop a clear and effective strategy to protect your interests at all times.

Experienced In A Wide Array Of Probate Litigation Matters

With decades of combined legal experience, our attorneys are ready to represent you in litigation related to:

  • Heir and beneficiary representation
  • Will and trust contests and probate disputes
  • Disputes over inheritance rights
  • Undue influence when creating a will or trust
  • Mental capacity of the decedent at the time the will or trust was created
  • Competing probate petitions
  • Interpretation of a trust or will

It is very helpful to have your own legal counsel to protect your interests and allow for a better exchange of information. The attorney representing the estate’s administrator cannot provide advice to beneficiaries due to a conflict of interest in the case – we will alleviate that issue by advocating for your best interests and getting the full scope of information necessary in your case. We will explain the probate process, evaluate your situation and explain what you are legally entitled to in the estate.

Discuss Your Case With Trusted And Experienced Attorneys

Every probate case is unique and deserves individual attention. That is what you will receive at our firm. We understand the challenging nature of probate disputes. We are here to advocate for your interests while offering compassionate advice along the way. To schedule an initial consultation about your legal options, call our office at 866-334-2614 or submit an online contact form.