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A Law Firm Providing Professional Support In Trust Administration

When the creator of a trust passes away, the trustee will likely encounter several challenges as they administer the trust. Because trust administration is a complex area of law, trustees often benefit from working alongside a skilled attorney to ensure that they fulfill their role properly.

At Frisella Neilson, APC, in San Diego, our lawyers are experienced in trust administration and California estate law. We frequently assist trust administrators with their duties. As a trustee, you can expect our attorneys to remain attentive to the terms of the trust, relevant probate law and your rights and responsibilities as a trustee.

Trustees Face Complicated Issues

Many trustees do not have prior experience in trust administration. Furthermore, they are often trying to execute their duties while also processing grief related to the loss of their loved one. Therefore, it is generally advisable to rely on professional legal guidance if you are a trustee.

Before you can distribute trust assets to beneficiaries, you will need to address several administrative matters such as:

  • Maintaining and protecting trust assets
  • Retaining records of the assets, income and transactions
  • Notifying beneficiaries
  • Settling necessary debts
  • Paying trust taxes and filing a tax return

Our lawyers at Frisella Neilson, APC, provide comprehensive guidance in these and other matters. In addition, we can represent trustees in probate court and litigation. Our extensive experience in trust law allows trustees to move forward with confidence.

Talk To Our San Diego Trust Administration Attorneys

Trust administration is a serious legal obligation. As a trustee, it is critical to protect the assets that were entrusted to you. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you with records, complex assets, creditors and beneficiaries. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 866-334-2614 or email the firm.