What you need to know about family disputes over inheritance

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San Diego area residents who have had a loved one pass away may have had to go through a process of asset distribution. Usually, this process goes well but occasionally conflicts arise regarding an inheritance. Unfortunately, inheritance disputes can cause family conflict that can be hard to work through.

There are several types of family disputes that can occur over inheritance.

Failure to preserve value

The estate executor is in charge of preserving the value of the estate. But many times the heirs attempt to profit from the estate. They can make lowball offers to buy estate property for less than what it is worth. They could also demand that estate money is used to increase the asking price.

Executor bias

If an executor favors one heir over another it can cause big conflicts. If the executor is acting unfairly then the other named heirs can challenge it in court.


Heirs may take items that are not legally theirs yet. Making and selling assets before the estate is settled and without the permission from the executor is considered theft.


Sometimes a person names two people to be the executor of their estate. Co-executors have to agree on every decision and obviously this can be difficult.

A legal professional who is skilled in estate planning and probate can help a family who is going through the probate process. An attorney understands that family conflict regarding an estate can be difficult and having a third party is important. They understand the gravity of the situation and can work on timely and effective resolutions.




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