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At Frisella Neilson, APC, our attorneys can assist when a conservatorship or guardianship becomes necessary.

A conservatorship can be valuable when a family member or loved one becomes unable to care for himself or herself and/or his or her estate or when an adult with developmental disabilities requires assistance. A guardianship could become necessary when a child loses a parent, possibly as a result of death, but oftentimes as a result of that child’s parents’ inability to continue to care for the child.

What Is a Guardianship? A Conservatorship? | Guardianship Lawyers Serving San Diego, La Jolla, Chula Vista, La Mesa and Southern California

A guardianship is for children. It enables (and obligates) an adult to take on the role of a parent, providing food, shelter, medical care, educational options for the child as well as fulfilling other obligations such as making financial decisions on the child’s behalf.

A conservator, by comparison, handles these important matters for an adult who is incapacitated, or mentally or physically disabled.

Our Southern California guardianship and conservatorship lawyers have years of experience in helping clients with both guardianships and conservatorships for the benefit of others. We have years of experience in working within the California court system, and we can help you navigate its complexities to achieve the best outcome for the person in need and for you. Once a guardian or conservator has been appointed, there may be additional filing requirements with the court, and we can assist with that process.

San Diego Conservatorship Lawyers

Whatever your situation, our attorneys can assist you in following the legal steps necessary to establish a guardianship or  conservatorship. We also have experience in litigation contested conservatorship matters in Probate Court.

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