Understanding Your Beneficiary Designation

Frisella Law, APC, represents clients in San Diego and throughout California in probate and estate planning matters. We understand the difficult nature of deciding to whom and how to distribute assets. The decedent's intent may not always be clear. When a decedent designates that a certain asset will go to a certain individual or organization, he or she is choosing the beneficiaries. But if there are not specific instructions as to distribution of assets, clarification through the probate court may be required.

Our law firm provides one-on-one advice and personal attention throughout your matter. Our goal is to help you understand your situation and what options are available to protect your interests.

Representing Beneficiaries Throughout California

We represent beneficiaries involved with all types of estates, including multi-million dollar estates and estates with complex issues. We assist clients who need representation due to concerns involving another beneficiary or administrator of the estate.

Who can be named a beneficiary? A spouse, domestic partner, family members, friends and even charitable organizations can be named beneficiaries of an estate.

We will protect your inheritance rights and examine all documents and information you have received regarding the estate. Our extensive experience navigating complex probate matters helps us provide clarification to the situation so you can make the necessary decisions to protect your interests.

Speak To Us About Your Situation

We take pride in our services and our commitment to our clients. If you have concerns, it is important to speak with us right away. Send us an email or call us at 619-260-3500 to schedule a free case evaluation.