Setting up a special needs trust to protect your loved one

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You have worked hard for a very long time to be able to take care of your family. You want to protect and provide for them, including those with special needs. You may have someone close to you who has special needs and you may wish to set up a trust so that you provide for them without their losing the public assistance that they have been receiving and on which they depend.

Working in tandem with Medicaid

The necessary care for a special needs individual is costly and without public assistance programs, your loved one may not be able to receive the necessary care. Estate planning laws are similar across the United States and some variations apply specifically to California.

Many families set up a special needs trust in such a way that the trust does not compromise the public assistance that their loved one is receiving.

Careful planning

You will need to have the special needs trust created in such a way that it ensures that your loved one is eligible to receive all of the care that they need, from your trust and from public assistance. You want the care and support to be with your loved one for as long as they need it.

Trusts can be customized to fit your needs perfectly

A knowledgeable estate planning lawyer can work with you to customize a special needs trust for your particular situation. The lawyer will explain clearly to you how special needs trusts work and how your particular trust will protect your loved one in the way that you need to protect them so that their care continues throughout their lifetime.



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