Should you be the executor of someone’s will?

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You may have recently been asked to take the role of executor for a loved one’s will. You may not know exactly what the job is and what you’re required to do, but you should know that an executor of a will is an honorable position to be asked to take – but it’s a big job

An executor of a will is someone who carries out a loved one’s wishes after they pass away. You will be asked to protect and maintain a person’s estate after they die until it’s time for the heirs to receive what they’re due.

If you’re unsure if you’re the right person to be the executor of a will, then you may need to continue reading to find out. Here’s what you should know:

What is asked of an executor of a will?

There are a few responsibilities you’ll need to fulfill as an executor. The role of an executor varies depending on how complex someone’s estate is. Whatever your job entails, you’ll have a bit of work laid out for you. As an executor you must:

  • Act fast:  They will need to get multiple copies of their loved one’s death certificates. These death certificates will help secure the estate of the deceased.
  • Secure valuables: You may be told there are family heirlooms or jewelry that need to be kept safe while the family waits for the estate to be distributed.
  • Pay bills: You will have to maintain your loved one’s estate until everything is divided in their will.
  • Contact representatives: You may need to contact banks, insurance companies or creditors that your loved one has passed away.

If you’re still unsure about the role then you may need to contact a legal guide who can help you complete your role of executor. A misstep as an executor could have someone coming after you for failing your job. 


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