Will mistakes could undermine your estate planning efforts

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California readers understand the importance of planning ahead and laying the foundation for a strong future through a solid estate plan. However, even the best efforts and intentions can come up short when there are mistakes and issues with an estate plan. If you need to develop a plan for your estate or you have an existing plan, it may be beneficial to avoid missteps that could prove costly in the future.

Many people do not realize there are issues with their estate plan. Unfortunately, it is often after a person passed away or is not able to speak due to incapacitation that these issues arise and cause complications for beneficiaries and loved ones. Even small mistakes may mean your assets will not go where you intended, and your medical wishes may not be honored. 

Types of estate planning problems

Of course, the most significant estate planning mistake is to fail to have an estate plan in the first place. Dying without a will can mean you will have no say in what ultimately happens to your property, and your loved ones may have to make important and difficult medical decisions on your behalf. Other common mistakes people make with their plans include: 

  • Failing to make medical and financial plans in case of a disability
  • Forgetting to update plans after major life events, such as a divorce or remarriage
  • Not taking steps to reduce estate taxes and make things easier for your beneficiaries
  • Waiting too long to make plans that will be beneficial for yourself and your loved ones

Another mistake people make is to make important plans and decisions without working with the right legal and financial professionals. Making critical and complex decisions is not easy, and it is useful to seek advice as you draft a plan that will suit your needs and objectives for years to come. 

Don’t wait to start

It is impossible to predict the future, but you can take steps to ensure you have a say over your medical care and assets. For many people, a basic will is enough, but you may need more to completely address your needs and concerns. An assessment of your case will help you understand what estate planning steps will be most prudent for you. 

You would be wise to get the right plans in place for your estate plan as soon as possible. This will allow you to look to the future with peace of mind and move forward with confidence regarding your loved ones and your own interests.



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