Understanding And Protecting Your Beneficiary Designation

When someone creates a will or trust, they can choose to name beneficiaries who will inherit their assets one day. However, decedents do not always clearly state their intent. Complicated issues involving finances and family situations may arise.

Frisella Neilson, APC, provides direct counsel to beneficiaries throughout California. We can help you understand to which assets you may legally be entitled as well as help you preserve your loved one’s wishes.

We Facilitate Asset Distribution

Our attorneys can assist you with several aspects of inheritance and probate, including:

  • Review estate documents to confirm or question inheritance rights
  • Navigate complex probate matters
  • Represent beneficiaries throughout estate administration and trust administration
  • Explain your rights and any obligations

With over 65 years of experience, including experience with multimillion-dollar estates, our lawyers have the skill to address your case.

Your Inheritance Rights Matter

Beneficiary designation is significant – whether a beneficiary is a spouse, family member or a charitable organization. Our estate law attorneys understand the importance of protecting inheritance rights.

Executors, plan administrators and other parties who oversee an estate must fulfill their legal obligations. Failure to do so could both violate the decedent’s personal wishes and deprive beneficiaries of sentimental and economic value.

Some cases involve disputes regarding undue influence. If you believe that someone wrongfully coerced a decedent into changing beneficiary designation against their true wishes, we can help you seek a will contest.

Consult With Our Probate Attorneys

We can provide you with clear and compassionate legal counsel at Frisella Neilson, APC. Call 866-334-2614​ or email our firm in San Diego to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers.

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